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A La Carte Menu

Malaysian Street Food & Regional Cuisine

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Saturday & Sunday lunch deal: £10 for 2 Course with Tea or Coffee or 3 Course Deal for £15


Typical Malaysian street food snacks.......

Satay - £5.95
Chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices served with ketupat (pressed rice), cucumber, onions and homemade peanut sauce

Tahu Sumbat (V/Ve) - Stuffed Tofu - £4.95
Grilled tofu stuffed with vegetables dipped in authentic chilli sauce

Gado-Gado (V) - £5.50
Vegetable salad bean sprouts, green beans, potatoes, egg, and fried tofu served with homemade peanut sauce

Cucur Udang - £5.95/(V) £5.50
Prawns, bean sprouts, chives in a turmeric batter served with cucumber, tofu, chilli and homemade peanut sauce or vegetarian option without prawns

Udang Goreng - £5.95
Delicious crispy deep fried prawns coated in flour wrapped in spring roll skin dipped in sweet and spicy chilli sauce

Murtabak - £5.95
Stuffed crispy pancake with chicken or beef, potatoes, egg and mixed spice filling served with pickled onions

Soup Mamak - £5.50/(V)£4.95
Spicy aromatic herb soup with a choice of lamb or chicken or vegetables.

Main courses

Our Rice Specialities.......

Nasi means rice in Malay and is the staple food of southeast Asia. It is cooked in several different ways and styles according to the states in Malaysia from Peninsula Malaysia to the island of Borneo

Nasi Lemak - £11.95
Rice cooked in coconut, lemon grass and ginger served with sambal (spicy sweet chilli sauce), anchovies, fried egg, peanuts, cucumber and king prawns

Nasi Ayam - £11.95
Fried chicken breast marinated in soya sauce, garlic, ginger and honey served with rice cooked in chicken stock served with clear chicken soup, soya sauce, chilli, salad and cucumber

Nasi Goreng Kampung - £10.95
Malay fried rice, packed with flavour and a choice of chicken or seafood served with fried egg, prawn crackers and salad

Lauk Specialities

Malaysians love a variety of dishes during their meals and these are selections of dishes that are popular. Each has its own unique regional taste.

Rendang - £10.95
Classic traditional chicken or beef rendang braised with lemon grass, galanggal, dried chilli, kaffir lime leaves and spices

Ayam Masak Merah - £10.95
Chicken slow cooked in chilli, lemongrass, galangal, tomato, onions and coconut milk

Kari Ikan - £13.95
Delicious Malay salmon fish curry cooked in spices and coconut milk, with additional okra and tomatoes

Gulai - £9.95
Popular and delicious Malay thick spicy curry with potatoes with a choice of chicken, beef or prawn

Masak Lemak - £9.95
A typical Malay dish, prawns in creamy coconut milk cooked with chilli, turmeric lemon grass and pineapple

Stir Fries

Adapted in every household in Malaysia from the Chinese cooking style as a fast and simple approach to cooking

Masak Kicap - £10.95
Fried beef cooked with dark soya sauce, ginger and green beans

Sambal - £9.95
A fiery dish cooked with chilli and shrimp paste, lemon grass, galangal and tamarind cook with a choice of prawns or squid

Steamed, Fried & Grilled Dishes

Many older generations in Malaysia cook using this healthy method which carries on until today

Ikan Bakar - £13.95
Grilled sea bass fillet served with air assam (spicy tamarind dip) and salad

Ikan Tiga Rasa - £13.95
Shallow fried sea bass fillet cooked with chilli and three different tastes - spicy, sweet and sour

Ayam Percik - £9.95
Grilled chicken in coconut sauce from the northeast region of Malaysia. Chicken marinated in ginger, shallots, coconut milk, spices, tamarind and chilli paste

Noodle Selection

Our noodles are from the various regions of Malaysia from hawker street food style to homemade derived from the rich diversity and cultural heritage of Malaysia that develops a unique taste and smell

Char Kuay Teow – Seafood £10.95/Chicken £9.95/Vegetarian £9.50
Delicious Ipoh and Penang seasoned wok fried flat rice noodles with dark soya sauce, chilli paste, bean sprouts, chives, egg and tofu with a choice of seafood or chicken or vegetarian

Assam Laksa - £9.95
Chinese hawker style thick fish based sour soup flavoured with cucumber, onion, salad, chilli, shrimp paste, tamarind, lemon grass, Vietnamese mint leaves and pineapple served hot with thick rice noodles

Mamak Mee Goreng - £9.95
'Mamak' is a colloquial reference to the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia. Indian style egg noodles with a spicy twist mixed with sweet chilli paste , eggs, prawns, bean sprouts, , tomato and soya sauce

Vegetable Selections

Fresh selection of vegetables cooked in authentic style and part of the main dishes in every household in Malaysia

Sayur Goreng - £7.95 as a main, £3.95 as accompaniment
A simple water spinach vegetable or green beans dish giving a strong flavour cooked with chilli, dried prawns and belacan (sprimp paste)

Dalca – (V) £7.95 as main, £3.95 as accompaniment
Dhal vegetable curry cooked in coconut milk with vegetables and spices

Kerabu – £8.95/(V) £7.95 as main, £3.95 as accompaniment
Beansprouts and asparagus salad one of the many varieties of the fresh Malay salad

Tahu Goreng – (V) £8.50 as main, £4.25 as accompaniment
Spicy stir fried tofu with green beans, onion, red and green pepper

Tempe Goreng Chilli - (V) £8.50 as main, £4.25 as accompaniment
Fired fermented soya cakes fried in chill, green beans and potatoes


Malaysian Fish or Prawn Crackers £1.00

Classic Malaysian Coconut Rice £2.50

Authentic Malay Tomato Rice £2.50

Thai Fragrant Jasmine Rice £2.00

Egg Noodles £2.00

Homemade Peanut Sauce £1.50

Homemade Chilli Sauce £1.50

Malaysian Condiment Sambal Belacan (Chilli Paste) £1.00

Air Assam-Classic Malay Tamarind Dip £1.00

Salads (cucumber, lettuce and long beans) £1.50

Sweet Chilli, Soya Sauce and Chopped Chilli FREE


Malaysians love sweet food and these are some of the specialities from various regions

Seri Kaya - £5.50
Egg custard topping flavoured with pandan (screwpine) leaves layered on top of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk served with fruit

Pengat Pisang - (V) £5.50
Banana cooked in coconut milk, palm sugar and pandan (screwpine) leaves

Pulut Inti - (V) £5.50
Popular Nyonya cake, glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk served on top with grated coconut cooked in palm sugar wrapped in banana leaf parcel

Roasted Pineapple - £4.50
A sweet and peppery modern twist dessert with caramel sauce served with chilli and vanilla ice cream

Ice Cream (V) & Sorbets (Ve)

Inspired Exotic Asian Handcrafted Ice Creams and Sorbets from Yee Kwan; two scoops of: £4.00, one scoop £2.50

Ice Creams: Coconut, Chocolate & Chilli

Sorbets: Lime & Lemongrass, Mango & Passionfruit Ripple, Lychee

Derbyshire Family Homemade Handcrafted Finest Ice Cream and Sorbets; two scoops of: £4.00, one scoop £2.50

Ice Creams: Bourbon Vanilla, Devilishy Chocolate

Sorbets: Pink Grapefruit Sorbets

Fresh Mixed Fruits Platter for one £3.50. Platter for two - £5.50
A selection of fresh fruits

All our food is Halal and freshly prepared.


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